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Timez Tuesday With Norman J. Liverpool

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Date: October 6. 2020

Time: 6 PM PST


Stephan SirFreezy will be joined with Norman J. Liverpool IV for this edition of Frankly Freezy - Timez Tuesday!

Norman J. Liverpool IV, an Entrepreneur and Speaker, is a dedicated professional with a passion for spreading awareness for the LGBTQ+ Community and the issues that this community faces. He is also the creator of a signature mentor-ship and coaching program designed for the LGBTQ+ Community, Over the Top Living.

YouTube LIVE

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Episode Schedule

Freezy N Friends 6 PM: Freezy gets us more aquatinted with Norman and what "Over The Top Living" is all about!

Remembering Pride 6:20 PM: Freezy talks with Norman about his experiences with Pride and the LGBTQ life.

Timez Tuesday 6:40 PM: Freezy and Norman talk about the current times and different trending topics.


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