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#SelfieIsolation 📱 Michelle Holliday Birthday Interview 🎂 #StayHomeForNevada

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Michelle Holliday has been called "The Mother of Vegas" by Desarae Pendavis! I have known Michelle for soooo long, and it only made sense to interview her on her Birthday! It was March 26th, but better late than NEVER!

Michelle and I talked about the Turn-About Drag event hosted by Mr. Las Vegas PRIDE, Zion Savage, and her benefiting Las Vegas PRIDE last year! I performed in it as Devina Pryce, one of my many alter egos. Shout out to Zion Savage's MISS Las Vegas PRIDE, Alei'aloha Savage, for doing my make up that night!

Michelle has been in Las Vegas for a very long time, and the lovely Crystal Woods was one of her drag mothers! Michelle has had many friends in the Vegas community. Some with us still, and some passed. One of her buddies is none other than Mel Cole himself! We compared a picture of Mel and Michelle from her 2018 Birthday Party at Eagle Las Vegas and one from sometime in 2011.

We took a stroll down memory lane with photos and got to know Michelle Holliday a little bit more personal. From the Cave on West Charleston in the 90's to Badlands, benefits and other exciting stuff now. It is safe to say that Michelle Holliday has earned that title of "Mother of Las Vegas," a few times over.

Michelle led the cheers when we started drinking in honor of her bday halfway through.

We ended the interview with some words of wisdom from Michelle for these difficult times that effects.

  1. Look out for each other.

  2. Make someone's day!

  3. Spread a little love

  4. Take care of seniors!

Everyone hurts sometimes, but we must show gratitude to those we love so we can lift spirits, and that has a ripple effect. Bring the cheer because at the end of the day it Is what you make It, and together, what we make it!

After #SelfieIsolation, WE GONNA HAVE SOME FUN

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