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Frankly Freezy Show Intro | "Rare Breed" - KNINE Feat. SirFreezy

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

To see how I became "Frankly Freezy," check out this video below!

KNINE Feat. SirFreezy - "Rare Breed!"

On Frankly Freezy, I am getting frank with you on general and LGBTQ+ topics, with different segments, from reailty to interviews, with some live shows thrown in!

Interact with me by visiting or, and by listening to each release, liking, commenting, following, subscribing, and sharing.

KNINE took my Big Brother 16 audition tape and audio from FoxX & Freezy on We Are Channel Q to create this killer original mix in my vision cus, "I'm a Rare Breed!”


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